#01: Didier Chenneveau Executive Director Ernst & Young

#01: Didier Chenneveau Executive Director Ernst & Young Featured Image

Didier Chenneveau is one of the leading supply chain executives in the region with more than 25 years of experience across the board. Here are a few of his most important career steps:

  • Executive Director – Ernst & Young – Supply Chain and Operations Practice.
  • External Senior Advisor McKinsey & Company
  • CEO Asia Pacific CEVA Logistics
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer LG Electronics
  • VP of Operations, Americas HP

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Connect with the Guest:

Didier Chenneveau: LinkedIn

Stay tuned as we cover latest technologies in supply chain:

  • IoT – Internet of Things  and Blockchain in Supply Chain
  • The supply chain challenges faced by the most important MNCs in Asia
  • Supply Chain Talent in Asia
  • How to develop top supply chain leaders
  • The importance of drinking red wine

Show notes:

  • [2:25] If you were to look at Ernst & Young and your clients, what’s one of the key things that they’re struggling right now when it comes to their supply chains in Asia?
  • [6:21] Which technology trend in supply chain will likely make the most impact by 2020?
  • [10:09] Everybody talks about blockchain now. 
  • [15:18] Before investing in hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in digital and new tech, if we are to look at the fundamentals of a supply chain, what would that still be in today’s time and age?
  • [18:29] What’s your thoughts in general about talent and supply chain talent development in Asia and is there enough supply chain talent in the region?
  • [20:45] What skills, I think it can be hard and soft, should logistics and supply chain professionals be focused on in order to remain relevant in the future and for the long run?
  • [24:07] “Always take the high road!”
  • [30:10] Can you share an internet or online supply chain resource like a website or online course or something that would be relevant to all this and something they can go and learn?
  • [31:55] What is a personal habit of yours, Didier, that you think contributes to your success?
  • [32:54] A memorable story in your career around solving the supply chain challenges that you could share with us?

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