#04: Roxane Desmicht Head of Supply Chain at Infineon Technologies

#04: Roxane Desmicht Head of Supply Chain at Infineon Technologies Featured Image

Industry 4.0 and Diversity with Roxane Desmicht Head of Supply Chain at Infineon Technologies

Roxane Desmicht is a Senior executive and global leader with 15+ years in high tech industries. She is well-versed product development to manufacturing as well as business development and account management. She is an active promoter and driver of Industry 4.0 initiatives as well as gender diversity leadership projects. And she is passionate about leading teams in a diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Listen to the full discussion here:

Part 1 – Industry Trends – [32:27]

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Part 2 – Talent and Recruitment in Supply Chain and Logistics – [21:33]

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Part 3 – Personal success stories and habits – [19:50]

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Connect with the Guest:

Roxane Desmicht: LinkedInCompany Website

Stay tuned as we cover:

  • Global Production Networks and Supply chain transformation
  • Supply Chain 4.0 and IoT solutions in Infineon
  • If she would be an investor – where would she put her money?
  • How does an engineer lead a global Supply Chain Network
  • How to groom future supply chain leaders
  • How to be a passionate leader in a male-dominated industry

Show notes:

Part 1 – Industry Trends:

  • [06:39] Global production network connecting manufacturing sites – Infineon Case Study.
  • [07:25] Supply chain transformation examples – Lean planning project case study.
  • [11:15] How do you align sales and marketing? How do you get together all the stakeholders to implement a project?
  • [15:07] Which technology trend in Supply Chain will likely make the most impact by 2020 in your opinion?
  • [17:50] What does Supply Chain 4.0 mean to you? What is supply chain of the future? What does it mean to you?
  • [21:55] To get to that vision and to get to Supply Chain 4.0 what are the biggest challenges that you face around getting there?
  • [24:24] How are you currently using any IoT solutions to your supply chain?
  • [26:41] Before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital new tech, what’s the fundamentals that supply chain needs to have in today’s environment?
  • [28:57] If you would be an investor and had lots and lots of money, which supply chain related start-up would you invest in and why?

Part 2 – Talent and Recruitment:

  • [00:04] How does Infineon attract and retain talent in supply chain?
  • [02:43] Why supply chain is not seen as something necessarily “sexy” or career in supply chain is not seen as something “sexy.”
  • [07:10] What are the hard skills you are looking for when hiring?
  • [09:03] What are some of the skills that the future supply chain 4.0 professional needs to have?
  • [10:29] Diversity.  Obviously, you are a great example of an excellent leader in supply chain. Since this is male-dominated traditionally, how do we balance it a bit more?
  • [14:33] How do you see the role of HR as a business partner? Do you have an HR business partner that focuses very closely on supply chain?
  • [16:27] How do you groom future supply chain leaders?

Part 3 – Personal success stories and habits:

  • [00:04] How do I become the next head of supply chain at Infineon in years to come?” What would one piece of advice be?
  • [03:14] Personal routine. Morning routine.  Any morning routine that you do?
  • [05:37] What is the book that you give most to people?
  • [08:55] What is something you believe in that other people think it’s insane?
  • [11:04] Do you use social media to help your brand as an employer and as a potential employer?
  • [12:34] One quick example of an area where you’ve been challenged a lot around supply chain, how did you face it? How did you overcome?
  • [14:43] When you think of the word “successful” in your practice in supply chain, who is the first person that comes to your mind and why?
  • [16:14] If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self a valuable piece of advice, what would you say?

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