How to Screw up a TEAM

How to Screw up a TEAM

How to Screw up a TEAM:

Show zero empathy! Don’t listen to your team! Only care about your interest!

One of my close friends, a senior executive in a Fortune 50 MNC shared with me how his boss understands to do performance reviews.

He asked him what his plan was for the next year. Then did absolutely nothing to help him in his future plans.

Why? Because the boss needs him too much. And cannot take the short term pain of losing him from his team.

But long term, this is not a good! It will send an example to the team he doesn’t listen. That he doesn’t care to develop them. he only cares about his interest.
And then the team of course will get disengaged.
And some of the them, the better ones first!, will leave!

I come across such practices everyday.
But let’s focus on the positive – and if you had a great manager. Who did the opposite and listened to you.