Leaving after a few months…

Leaving after a few months…

One of my friends, a senior level executive, recently decided to leave the company he had joined less than 6 months ago. The environment was bad. Scope of role changed 2nd week after joining. Initial commitments were not honored. In short, horror story!

That being said, that left him with the issue that he now has a “stain” on the CV. And of course needs to look for another role.

So what to do next?

Probably the best thing is try to move on as quickly as possible.

Always hard to do as this is a painful experience! But such times are most of the times a “blessing in disguise”. And the ideal use of this situation is to go all out and explore many other different avenues and roles that may come up.

The reality is that staying with that employer was not an option. A company that can’t respect their commitments to a top level executive is a bad idea long term!

And most prospect future employers would understand the situation. It does happen! But honesty is gold when sharing the reason for early departure! Being transparent whilst keeping to the facts. No need to judge the previous company or bad mouth it. But facts need to be shared.

And most often than not, something better comes up and another good role emerges.