#34: Inna Kuznetsova President & COO INTTRA

#34: Inna Kuznetsova President & COO INTTRA

Inna Kuznetsova President & COO INTTRA

Inna Kuznetsova President & COO INTTRA

Inna Kuznetsova is President and Chief Operating Officer of INTTRA, leading sales, service delivery, marketing, strategic alliances, product management, IT infrastructure and software development.
Before joining INTTRA in early 2015 Inna was the Chief Commercial Officer at CEVA Logistics and prior to that spent 19 years at IBM, where in her last role she was the Vice-President, Marketing & Sales Enablement for IBM Systems Software.
In addition to executive roles, she has experience of serving on both private and public company boards, including chairing remuneration (compensation) and nominations committees as well as serving on audit & risk committees.
Inna holds PhD. in Mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia, and MBA from Columbia Business School.
Inna has also written two books on career growth:  «Up! A practical approach to career growth» and «A month in the sky. Practical notes on the ways of professional growth»

Connect with the Guest:

Inna Kuznetsova: LinkedIn | Twitter 

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • Regional P&Ls politics versus the allocating resources for IT development  
  • Lack of standardization is directly linked with lack of visibility – issues that have a heavy impact on the cargo owners 
  • Blockchain – what is the potential in building a network? – not a solution to all pains – where it works and where it doesn’t 
  • Importance of having a firewall between the carriers and the clients in a blockchain environment 
  • 3 areas we are looking for when hiring:  professional skill, understanding of IT, understanding of the industry  
  • Importance of pairing people with complementary skills 
  • Shortage of truck drivers – not the most popular job with the young generation
  • Always be open to learn no matter how experienced or senior you are 
  • How to have a great career with a thick accent 
  • Inna shares how she manages her fear of small talk and the importance of networking the right way

Episode #34: Inna Kuznetsova President & COO INTTRA

Show notes:

  • [01:40] Where do you see the industry at the moment? What do you think of the impact of digitization trend? 
  • [07:30] Are there organizations that have an efficient process for allocating resources to their IT department?
  • [12:40] What can you tell us about standardization? 91% of respondents in INTTRA Tech Summit survey called data sharing standards an “absolute necessity” or “very important”.
  • [17:50] Is there any example of blockchain implementation that shows the most promise?
  • [25:40] Talking about the importance of having an independent and neutral body bringing together the players who will use blockchain.  
  • [29:30] What are the most important skills in Supply Chain that companies are looking for? What type of mindset are companies looking for?
  • [35:55] Talking about bringing a gaming executive from the gaming industry to the shipping industry – the cross-pollination of skills.
  • [38:44] I know you have 2 published books around career development and you also are very active in social media. «Up! A practical approach to career growth» and «A month in the sky. Practical notes on the ways of professional growth» – what are the main topics that you cover and what motivated you to write to them?
  • [48:55] What advice would give to a young graduate in finding their career path? 

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