#21: Bijay Singh Global Head Healthcare Business Unit at DKSH

#21: Bijay Singh Global Head Healthcare Business Unit at DKSH Featured Image

Bijay Singh joined DKSH as Vice President, Global Business Development for Business Unit Healthcare in July 2015. He was designated Global Head Business Unit Healthcare as of July 2017.

Bijay Singh has twenty-four years of experience in the Healthcare industry. From 2004 to 2015, he held various senior positions at Novartis, a leading global Swiss healthcare company. Prior to 2004, Bijay Singh worked for eleven years in various positions for Eli Lilly in Asia and the United States as well as for two global audit companies. He has lived and worked in four continents and has amassed over 15 years of work experience in the healthcare field across Asia.

Education: Bijay Singh holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) from Simon Fraser University, Personal Data Canada and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Stanford University, California.

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Connect with the Guest:

Bijay Singh: LinkedIn

Stay tuned as we cover:

  • The business model of DKSH
  • Interesting case studies when working with key clients
  • Key challenges in Asia compared to Europe or US
  • Healthcare needs in Asia
  • Factors driving growth in healthcare SEA
  • How do the regulatory services work for DKSH?
  • Recruiting – what are the key attributes you are looking for?

Show notes:

  • [01:21] Tell us about the DKSH model and how it is helping healthcare companies expand in Asia?
  • [03:49] Why would a pharma or healthcare company use DKSH instead of opening their own distribution and marketing channel?
  • [06:21] Who would be some of your key clients and maybe if you can share 1-2 of the most successful case studies?
  • [13:47] What are some of the key challenges that your clients face in Asia as compared to Europe or the US?
  • [15:25] Are there some main differences between the population healthcare needs and wants in Asia as compared to other parts of the world?
  • [18:46] What are some of the factors driving growth for the industry in the region?
  • [21:04] I know that DKSH’s market expansion service for pharmaceuticals involves regulatory approvals and licensing. Can you tell us more about that as it is an important point given the complexity each country requires?
  • [23:34] What are some of the major value-added services you look to expand into?
  • [27:08] What are some of the countries in Asia where you see the most growth?
  • [30:00] In terms of the talent and skills required for growing your business, what are some of the hardest skills to find?
  • [32:21] Are there certain hard skills that you are looking for?
  • [35:48]When you are recruiting for your senior leadership team, given the dynamic environment we live in, what are the most important attributes you are looking for?
  • [37:45] How was it for you personally to transition from a healthcare company to DKSH? What were the main learnings?
  • [42:01] If you were to share one piece of advice to somebody just graduating and wanting to achieve a successful career, what would it be?

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