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Radu Palamariu was interviewed by Dr. Muddassir Ahmed on SCMDOJO’s podcast. On the topic of what leadership, talent and key skills in Supply Chain

SCMDojo was created with the intention to enable supply chain professionals & supply chain teams to solve the problems they face in their jobs & business.

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Radu Palamariu: LinkedIn 
Dr. Muddassir Ahmed: LinkedIn

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • Understanding the four elements of supply chain
  • Why supply chain leaders don’t get to be CEOs as often as they could? (packaging, packaging, packaging!)
  • What is leadership in supply chain? (It has to do with not taking a walk alone)
  • Radical Simplicity principles
  • Four tips to be a top talent in Supply Chain

Show Notes:

  • [00:51] How do you define top talent in supply chain?
  • [01:44] It is important for a supply chain professional to be exposed to the four elements of supply chain, which is to plan, source, make, and deliver.
  • [05:43] There is no way you can progress in your career if you don’t have the ability to build great relationships.
  • [08:17] How do understanding the four elements of supply chain and international exposure fit in the framework of leadership skills?
  • [10:36] As a leader, you’ve got to get people with you on the journey. Because if you are walking alone, that is not leadership at all it is just taking a walk.
  • [15:42] What is your advice to companies in terms of developing supply chain talent? 
  • [16:13] You should not have people in leadership positions who are not good with people.
  • [19:28] Giving people opportunities to develop, to change, and to take on new opportunities is an incredible way for companies to develop talents.
  • [22:50] What would be your advice to leaders on how they can manage different kinds of groups?
  • [24:36] Make sure you understand your team and understand where they’re coming from. Most of the time they’re going to have different desires and wants, and it’s not like one is better than the others, it’s just different cause we are people.

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