Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics, Leaders in Tech and E-commerce, Leaders in Supply Chain LATAM, and Leaders in Supply Chain Talent are some of our projects focused on interviewing some of the best entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the industry, pick their brains and share it with as many interested listeners as possible.

Leave Your Job if… Featured Image

Leave Your Job if…

It’s never easy to say stop. It’s never easy to get out into the unknown and go for different professional challenges. Especially when you have a comfortable situation when you know most of the variables

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6 Trends in Supply Chain in 2017 Featured Image

6 Trends in Supply Chain in 2017

Supply chains have a reputation for being complicated and not the first choice for a career, especially for the millennials. But as companies adapt their Supply Chain to the digital economy, and as businesses enable

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5 Steps on How to Get Promoted Featured Image

5 Steps on How to Get Promoted

May it be executive level or people in the middle management level, we sometimes do have discussions with our candidates around this topic. As sometimes, even if a bit counter-intuitive to our role as search

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Hottest Supply Chain Jobs in Asia Pacific Featured Image

Hottest Supply Chain Jobs in Asia Pacific

According to DHL’s 2016 Trend Radar, the major influences on logistics and supply chain, what they called “megatrends,” are growing security awareness, the increased shift towards cleaner energy production and transportation, and further digitalization. These megatrends

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