Assuring Supply and Delivering On-Time with David Shillingford, Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics

Assuring Supply and Delivering On-Time with David Shillingford, Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics Featured Image

David Shillingford is the Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics (formerly Resilience360 and Riskpulse), a leading supply chain risk analytics company that enables greater resilience and agility in the supply chains of many of the world’s best-known companies. David has led the development of several industry-wide data and analytics platforms both as an entrepreneur and as an SVP Supply Chain at Verisk Analytics, ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.  David’s first career was as a special operations officer in the British Army.

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Connect with the Guest:

David Shillingford: LinkedIn

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • How Everstream is helping their clients and problems they are solving
  • Case studies on how they brought significant change to your clients
  • Challenges and hurdles Everstream went through
  • Everstream’s sustainability initiatives
  • What makes Everstream unique in terms of hiring and attracting talent

Show notes:

  • [00:33] How did you end up in this startup time of environment? And why did you choose to set up a supply chain technology firm?
  • [1:07] Can you introduce Everstream and what problems are you trying to solve? How global is the problem is and how are you solving it?
  • [2:03] Does Everstream come as software as a service? Or is it a platform as a service where you can have more different APIs installed for your client?
  • [2:34] If you look back, what is one of the certain gems of wisdom can you share which helps you grow so fast?
  • [3:27] Now just talking about supply chain, what specific trends are you seeing which are growing really fast globally?
  • [4:35] Would you be able to share a case study that kind of has brought a significant change to your clients?
  • [6:56] How global are your clients? Are they operating only in Northern America? Or were you able to cater to them outside or on multiple continents?
  • [07:28] Every company has its own challenges in identifying and finding gaps? In your opinion, what are the hardest skills to look for?
  • [08:23] What will be some piece of advice you would give to people listening to the podcast that wants to make the shift from a corporate type of job to a startup entrepreneurial type of job?
  • [9:11] When there’s data involved, I know there are certain hurdles you have to go through to get that data and for companies to trust you. But I’m sure there are far more other hurdles you have crossed, which are bigger than just collecting data and keeping the data and keeping that secure. Would you mind sharing those hurdles?
  • [11:03] How long does it take to kind of get the product onboard for your clients and then start seeing the data and start making those decisions. What’s the kind of lead time for them to really see the results of your product.
  • [11:54] Is there a specific industry or function where you are focused on right now or is the solution end-to-end?
  • [13:22] Is sustainability something Everstream looks after? Or is it too early that you have not adopted yet sustainability within the company philosophy?
  • [14:46] Just on the functions within the company you hire, what are the highest functions you have in demand right now?
  • [15:30] Is there something unique in Everstream for you to attract those data scientists because everybody’s hiring? How would you kind of give them this different way to join?

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