Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Tom Raftery Global VP at SAP

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability with Tom Raftery Global VP at SAP Featured Image

Tom Raftery is a Global VP for SAP, and Innovation Evangelist, Futurist, and an international Keynote speaker. Tom is responsible for demonstrating the vital importance the Innovation has for enterprises and SAP’s strategy and vision to enable organizations to realize the benefits.

Prior to joining SAP, Tom worked for a number of companies at Group IT EnergyManager/CTO level, and as an Industry Analyst. Tom is also a regular Guest Lecturer at the International Instituto San Telmo Business School in Seville. Tom is also the creator and host of The Digital Supply Chain podcast discussing thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a sustainable supply chain.

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Connect with the Guest:

Tom Raftery: Linkedin

The Digital Supply Chain podcast

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • Using solar energy and electric cars
  • Substituting electricity for diesel in buses
  • Prioritizing energy efficiency and zero-emission
  • The cost of wind energy has fallen 50% since 2012, solar has fallen 87%  and lithium-ion batteries 90%.
  • How the crisis shifts the organization’s agenda towards energy efficiency and sustainability

Show notes:

  • [01:34] I wanted to start with a short intro of yourself and your current role with SAP
  • [03:40] As an industry analyst, I led the sustainability and energy practice of RedMonk for seven years and did a pretty good job at it.
  • [04:33] I would be happy if we can go into some examples of some of the most exciting innovation projects that you are involved in now with SAP and how are they impacting your clients.
  • [05:59] In my house, in Spain, in the last couple of years, I put a five-kilowatt solar array on the roof of my house and I also bought an electric car.
  • [08:35] Amply Power is a company in America that service fleet managers- people who are running fleets of vehicles. What they do for those fleet managers is they manage the fueling of these fleets when they’re electric. 
  • [12:25] Substituting electricity for diesel in buses, 18 wheeler trucks, and refuge collection cars is a huge win- there’s a huge economic benefit and there are also emission savings and there’s reduced maintenance.
  • [15:16] Are there certain trends in how executives are prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability on their strategic agenda during this time of crisis?
  • [16:58] When we do come out of the pandemic, there will be an even greater focus on sustainability and climate change because the younger generation saw there importance.
  • [18:51] The cost of renewables is dropping every year, the cost of wind energy has fallen 50% since 2012, the cost of solar has fallen 87% in the same time and the cost of lithium-ion batteries has fallen 90%.
  • [22:51] How can executives stay on top of the latest news trends, correct information with regards to sustainability, energy efficiency and so on that can impact their businesses?
  • [24:10] How can the listeners find your project and listen to your podcast? Where can they find you?

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