How to Prepare for the Podcast

Bio and headshot

Please provide us with a short bio (100 to 200 words)  with the most important highlights about yourself.  Please mention what we should point out around the organization  as well. We will use the information in the podcast introduction.

Would be great to have a quality photo of yourself for promotion and uploading on the podcast webpage. 

Case studies

Our audience loves case studies and examples from your experience! 

If you can prepare some of the best stories where your organizations had an important impact for your clients or an internal project you are proud of - please let us know and let’s talk about it during the podcast!

Supply Chain focused case studies have worked best - where we can share the initial situation, what were the actions you made and what were the end results. 

Before the Interview

Optimize your Internet Connection

  • The better the internet connection, the better the quality of our talk.  Would be great to make sure the wifi is working fine.
  • Ensure no internet intensive tasks are running on your network e.g. video streaming

Use headphones (e.g. your MP3 player’s ear-buds) - the sounds quality is best with a good microphone and headset. 

Avoid Noise

  • Close all programs on your computer that make sounds, e.g. email, Facebook, etc.
  • Close external windows and doors to minimize noises from outside
  • Switch off noisy air-conditioning or fans
  • If possible,  eliminate chair noises, table kicks, pen clicks, paper rustling, etc.
  • Curtains/drapes or any textile materials, help reduce echo and create a better sound
  • Best not to  touch your microphone during the interview

Avoid Abbreviations

  • As the audience is global and diverse, it is best to either explain abbreviations or avoid them altogether (an abbreviation that may make sense in a particular continent, may not be known on another)


  • Speak close to your microphone (approx. 5 inches/10 cm away)
  • Make sure your audio is coming from the correct device/microphone in Skype or Zoom
  • Try to maintain a consistent distance from your microphone
  • Close ALL unnecessary programs (e.g. iTunes) to reduce the load on your computer
  • Try to avoid saying "um", "ahhh", and "you know"

Post-interview info

Which internal and external channels would you use to promote it to your audience? To maximize your visibility and impact

Your interview will be available on this website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and we will share it with our audience in our newsletter and social media pages.

Again, if you have any questions, please email me to let me know.

Thanks again!