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Marc Dragon is the Managing Director of Reefknot Investments. Reefknot Investments is a joint partnership between Temasek, Singapore’s state-owned fund, and the global logistics company Kuehne + Nagel. The firm is based in Singapore but will look for companies around the world that are raising their Series A or B rounds. With a focus on high growth technology companies pushing new frontiers within the supply chain and logistics space.

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  • How Temasek and Kuehne + Nagel’s partnership started
  • Three main focus areas: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Logistics, and Trade Finance.
  • Why Marc invested in the AI startup,
  • Reefknot’s ecosystem in five years
  • The shortage of data scientists
  • “Follow your passion and build your capabilities and ecosystem around your passion.”


#67: Marc Dragon Managing Director of Reefknot Ventures
“Follow your passion and build your capabilities and ecosystem around your passion.”


“For Reefknot in five years, I would like us to be a very clear global leader. In number one, identifying and number two catalyzing the next generation’s supply chain technology leaders. We don’t intend to invest in many companies, but we intend to invest in a few and the few that we invest in we’re looking for them to be that sector leader, the solution leaders. So that’s very clear. So for us to be globally recognized as a leader in growing and helping and identifying these companies. And the ecosystem that you mentioned, the vision is that with the ecosystem partners; Reeknot and the ecosystem will come outas almost like a global leading think tank. We think about new areas and solution and opportunities within the supply chain, logistics business model technology. We spot them early, and we support these areas of growth. So, I think that’s the vision that I’m looking for Reefknot and our partners over the next five years.

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