Mike Zayonc Founder of Plug and Play Supply Chain| Media Kit

In the two years since Mike Zayonc founded the Plug and Play supply chain and logistics innovation platform, the Sunnyvale, California-based platform has become the world’s largest supply chain business accelerator.

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  • How Plug and Play connects startups and corporates in the area of supply chain and logistics
  • Corporate network of 300 major multinationals worldwide
  • Characteristics of a strong start-up team
  • Startup culture – integrity, hard work, passion, and collaboration.
  • Key to building a strong start-up team
  • Success case studies


#65: Sustainability in Supply Chains
“For a startup, it is better to move quickly than not move at all and when opprtunity knocks, open the door.”


“Probably the most important thing for a startup, assuming they’re already passionate and really care about ther product and working on it, is to be opportunistic; is just to keep an open mind and, for example, really, always listen to your customers. If you’re finding a lot of tracton in a market segment that you didn’t think was a fit initially, just be open to pivoting your business and ultimately scaling it and focusing on it when you’re actually driving revenue because as a business that’s hoping to scale. It’s really important to generate that initial traction and revenue or number of users or whatever the traction metrics are, those things are really important. To build and demonstrate that to seasoned investors, that’s something that will really help them from a metrics perspective when they’re trying to grow. “

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