Nephy Perez

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions
Toll Group

Nephy Perez has had a passion for all things supply chain over the course of two decades, he has been at the forefront of the application of both digital and physical innovative supply chain solutions. With holistic end to end perspectives yet encompassing the technical depth across many supply chain areas, Nephy provides expertise for enabling strategic actions that can help companies achieve supply chain and business excellence.

Nephy has led, overseen and designed supply chain solutions for a significant number of industries including technology, consumer packaged goods, fashion retail, automotive, industrial, healthcare and energy. Many having become renowned for their supply chain leadership. Spanning across planning, procurement, Intralogistics, operations, transportation and supply chain design, he has been instrumental in transforming the capabilities of companies through strategic alignment, capability development and smart solutions, with both technological and practical innovation.

Nephy is current the SVP Innovation & Supply Chain solutions for the Toll Group. He has previously held roles with DB Schenker, BAX Global and Woolworths. Nephy holds degrees in Business Administration from the University of Newcastle, and in Science and Manufacturing from Western Sydney University. Nephy is also current a lecturer for specialized supply chain modules including Distribution and Warehousing, Procurement and Supply Management and Supply Chain Financial Analysis and Management.


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