Industrial Technology

Digital transformation has change how every industry works. Technology has helped industries serve their customers better. Business models have been modified to open new opportunities. This transformation has also given them the chance to innovate their products and services and also offer a new one. With all the changes around, executive search has helped organizations find the right people for this new environment. With our expertise in both fields, we ensure to bring talents that have fully adapted to the change. Talents that are innovative, versatile and right for the organization.

Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Alcott Global offers support to organizations in when it comes to finding the the right talent for the industrial equipment and machinery sector. Our expertise in executive search and our knowledge in supply chain helped us identify the senior executives that would create a clear impact on the organization growth. From material handling to supply chain management, we make sure that our candidates have the what it takes to move things forward.  

Automotive and Mobility

The competition within the automotive industry has been on the rise for a long time now. Transformation and innovation need to be the focus of all management boards working in this sector. Latest technology implementation is one of the most important focus in the automotive industry. If you want to stand out, you need your managers to stand out. Alcott Global is aware of the importance of finding and attracting the best in the business. We find the senior leaders who help an organization differentiate itself from the pack. They need to bring to the table from insights in innovation to a unique way of collaborating with the customers - we are the ones making sure that they have what it takes.