Transportation and Logistics


From intercontinental freight forwarding to doorstep delivery, logistics corporations have always been the pack leaders when it comes to supply chain and logistics management for B2B and B2C alike. Highly qualified supply chain and logistics professionals both for C-level and middle management positions are always highly sought after and talent acquisition and retention can be an issue for logistics corporation who have not yet created a strong employer brand to differentiate themselves. Alcott Global offers you services from executive search for senior roles in supply chain and logistics to consulting work around your employer brand and implementing proven talent retention strategies.


With technological advancements just around the corner, many industries have now transformed to follow the technology trends. Technology has been a great help in every aspect of society. In supply chain, software has been developed to make the process easier. Because of this, the flow of supply chain, from execution to managing the relationship has become simpler. Through technology, new roles have come to the surface, and the need for talents knowledgable in the field has become in high demand. Alcott Global has adopted a new way of doing business. It is crucial for us to be one with the new era and follow the current process of executive search - adapting to the brand new technologies suitable for the industry.


With online shopping changing consumer behavior worldwide, senior roles in ecommerce are becoming even more crucial in this age of immediate product delivery. When customer loyalty is determined by product availability, warehousing and procurement strategies play a very prominent role in deciding whether an ecommerce company would be the customer’s first choice or last. We are aware of the challenge and we provide executive search and headhunting services to hire the best supply chain and logistics professional to have to manage the situation.


The landscape for product delivery from origin point to delivery has changed a lot in recent years, especially in Asia. Tech-based startups are now joining the logistics industry equipped with user-friendly customer interface and less than 24 hours delivery mechanisms. With such a competitive playing field, a senior leader in logistics positions with the ability to constantly innovate is now a basic requirement for logistics start-ups. However, finding the right person for the job might not be the easiest. We at Alcott Global has experience with senior placements in logistics and supply chain management positions, and are prepared to provide you with the right talent for senior roles, including C-level positions.


High quality services are the norm in the postal industry. Customer expectations are increasing.  Meeting the customer's demands are of high priority. The industry understands the  importance  of diversity and now that logistics transformation has become part of it, many organizations have started to change their business model. With the growing competition from within and  outside the industry, we help by making sure we find the right talent for the right senior role. We at Alcott Global follow a strict rule when delivering our service. From executive search to talent retention we make sure that our clients are satisfied.


Last Mile logistics has transformed the way products were distributed through the years. Though it is the last step of the process, it is considered as the key to driving growth and profitability. There are different challenges that come with it. How this challenges are tackled and addressed is key.

Alcott Global understands the importance of Last Mile and every component that comes with it. We make sure that we have a full picture of the industry. It is our responsibility to discover talent who shares the same values in order to help organizations become reliable and innovative in the industry. Profitability is a challenge but the right executives in the right role will make the difference. 


Courier services are considered as one of the backbones when it comes to supply chain and logistics. It is crucial to understand the nature of the industry as it is a vital part of supply chain. Senior-level executives need to have the best qualification in order to go along with this fast-moving industry. We try to be concurrent with the pace and bring services with utmost quality. Alcott Global specializes in executive search for senior positions, talent retention, and employer branding. We make sure that every talent we present to our clients is right for the organization.

Express delivery industry has a great impact in the global economy. The industry has been very helpful in terms of transporting products. It has created a much simpler and faster process than usual. Supply Chain and logistics has become more sophisticated as the business process changed. Focusing, mostly in the external elements that affect the organizations. With express delivery taking into account the suppliers and customers into its business process, it is now more incorporated into supply chain and logistics. Like any industry related to the latter, express is one that is moving at a fast pace. Alcott Global takes into consideration every component when choosing the right professional for the industry.