Parcel Monitor: Top 5 DTC Brands You Should Know


In 2020, it is observed that there is a growing trend with brands like Adidas and Levi’s moving towards DTC strategy. Our media partner, Parcel Monitor caught on to this trend and made a list of the top 5 DTC brands for you! 

Here are the amazing DTC brands that managed to stay ahead of their competitors in the e-commerce space! 

  1. Glossier 
  2. Gymshark
  3. Warby Parker
  4. BarkBox
  5. HelloFresh

There is one thing in common between these DTC brands: influencer marketing. These 5 brands have engaged with influencers and dedicated much of their resources to social media marketing. Find out more about their strategies and who influencer marketing played a huge part in their successes. Read the full article over at Parcel Monitor now!

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