Parcel Monitor: Will E-Commerce Take Over Physical Retail Shopping?


Parcel Monitor: Will E-Commerce Take Over Physical Retail Shopping? (feat. Satyaki Banerjee, COO at Luxasia)

Our media partner, Parcel Monitor, recently launched a new series – Retailers Discuss! In this series, they will be inviting thought leaders and industry experts from the retail and e-commerce industries to share various relevant topics.

For their first episode, in collaboration with eTail Asia, they invited Satyaki Banerjee, the COO of Luxasia to share his thoughts on e-commerce and physical retail shopping!

Here are some of the highlights from the episode:

  1. The biggest change in 2020
  2. How did the team at Luxasia adapt to the new challenges faced during COVID-19?
  3. Will physical retail shopping eventually lose its relevance?

Watch the full interview at Parcel Monitor now!

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