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Tech in Last Mile Delivery

Tech in Last Mile Delivery


5  EPISODES •  03:52:07

A lot has changed over the past years and that is thanks to technology. It made operations easier and faster. In our podcast, we asked Executives from around the world to sit with us and share how technology, specifically their own, shaped the industry and how they are trying to innovate and address the problems that are present in the sector today.

Ecommerce Disruptors

eCommerce Disruptors


3  EPISODES •  02:32:43

Most of the population today has at least bought one item online. The e-commerce market is continuously growing and the competition intensified. We were lucky enough to invite some leaders in the sector such as Laura Behrens Wu of Shippo, Dhruv Saxena of ShipBob and Aadi Vaidya of Zilingo to share why they decided to venture into the world of eCommerce and how they are growing their businesses.

Reinventing an old industry- Freight Forwarding

Reinventing an old industry - freight forwarding


3  EPISODES •  02:46:44

The freight forwarding industry has been in the market for a long time now. Not a lot has shown interest in it until now, many started to turn their heads and show their passion for the industry. Now, freight forwarding is starting to evolve and become sexier. Few of our guests are from the sector such as Sanne Manders of Flexport, Bill Driegert of Uber Freight and Jett McCandless of project44.

Tech in Supply Chain

Tech in Supply Chain


3  EPISODES •  02:41:39

Technology has become a necessity in the industry, without it an organization will fall behind. The changes that are happening in the industry (because of technology) is one of the topics we often talk about in our podcast. How it changed the operations, the search for talent and the industry itself.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Chief Supply Chain Officer


3  EPISODES •  02:42:43

Who knows the industry better than the Chief Supply Chain Officers. We invited a few Executives in the position to share their knowledge and advice to future leaders of the industry. Paul Graham of Woolworths Group, Vikram Agarwal of Avon and Dr. Dirk Holbach of Henkel are some of our guests who shared their insights in the all-things supply chain.