Recruiting Diverse Talents – Who is the Best Candidate?

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“We need to recruit a new CXO. Can you search the profiles that the competitors have for this role to see who is the best candidate?”  This is the PROBLEM with some senior-level searches today.

When it comes to hiring, companies look for the best person for the job or at least who they think is best for it- sometimes, even candidates from their competitors. It may seem like it is the best option out there, and theoretically yes, but is it the wisest? Definitely, not.

The problem with this is that they are looking for someone similar, with a profile they are familiar with, or the same other companies have. Consistently hiring people with the same background may sometimes mean having the same ideas over and over again- which is not a good strategy for growth and might also not work out in the context world is today: disruption, major digital development, and innovation. 

Looking for the best candidate doesn’t simply mean looking for the person who has the skills and qualifications required for the role. Now, when you say the best candidate, it means looking for someone with the required skills while having the qualifications that will help the company during these trying times. Someone who is hardwired to withstand the challenges caused by different disruptions while preserving the culture and integrity of a company. Someone who has the innovation mindset- of moving with the trends and using them as a solution for the organization. The world is moving fast and so is the recruitment sector. What hiring managers should be looking for are candidates who will be open to change and easily adapts to the changes that are happening in today’s world.

It is iterated over and over how change is the only constant thing but still, not everyone is welcoming the idea. People often are afraid of change and it is understandable, but there is no greater risk than not changing. There is always a risk that comes with change, however, the result is shown to be much better, something worthwhile. While not changing at all doesn’t assure one of what is ahead- and as mentioned before, a much greater risk. This is a lesson organizations need to embed in their culture- change is necessary. From the way they work to the way they hire. 

Change is a must, especially in the case of hiring and recruitment. It doesn’t necessarily mean setting aside candidates from the past, but more on considering whether that person, that talent is willing to learn and adapt. It is also a good strategy to hire people from outside your focus industry. Choosing someone inside the industry is the safest choice indeed- and honestly, saves time as well. But looking at it from a different perspective or approach, hiring from different fields can be an advantage. There is so much more they can offer, and new ideas that could help the company move forward and stay ahead. 

The benefits of hiring from outside your focus industry are countless, but the most prominent one is the learnings that the candidate or future employees can share- new and innovative solutions that the company hasn’t tried yet to address some of the issues and challenges they are facing. Having a fresh perspective gives organizations that boost to move towards development and innovation- something that is required when facing the events that happened and is still happening today.

Moving away from the norm has always been a difficult decision and one that is discussed thoroughly. The uncertainty brings a level of risk but also opens the gate to possibilities and rewards. Looking at it long-term, investing in diverse talents from different industries is crucial in the development and growth of an organization. With different minds working together to address some of the pressing matters today may just be the key to finding a more effective solution that is long-term and adaptive. Don’t stop change because it is bound to happen and the first ones to accept it will be on top of the race. The fight for talent is becoming harder each time and acting quickly is important in finding the right talent for the organization- and may just be the winning strategy in the war of talent.



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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.

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Get the most appealing jobs in technology, supply chain & logistics space.