Sami Naffakh EVP & COO of Arla Foods| Media Kit

Sami Naffakh is the EVP and Chief Operations Officer at Arla Foods. Arla is the farmer-owned dairy cooperative with some 11,200 farmers in seven countries.

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  • How Arla deals with 14 million liters of milk per day
  • How to plan a Mozzarella plant investment of almost EUR 90 million
  • Running 75 plants and 120 distribution centres
  • Manama plant producing 25,000 tons of dairy products
  • Why Arla has a strong market presence in the Middle East
  • “It’s not very effective to have a leader running in front and then no one is behind him.”


#66: Sami Naffakh EVP and COO of Arla Foods
“It’s not very effective to have a leader running in front and then no one is behind him.”


“So the shop floor is the center of the attention and everything which is gravitating around it is there to serve them and that should be the obsession, and that seems obvious. At least in the case of Arla, this was quite the paradox in change. What you do on your processes and your admin stuff and your fancy stuff that you like working on, etc. Forget about it, as long as it doesn’t help and support the people who are driving the day to day, hour by hour operation on the shop floor in both factories and logistics operation. “

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