Steve Ferreira

Founder & CEO
Ocean Audit Inc.

Steve Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Ocean Audit. Steve has spent his entire career in global container shipping. The science of auditing shipping bills emerged from knowing his industry well enough to find errors that generalists in the freight auditing field tend to miss.  

He established Ocean Audit in 2004 when he realized general freight audit practices reverse no more than 50% of overcharges occurring in ocean transportation. Today, Steve’s process is leading edge and utilizes machine learning to identify and validate ocean freight invoice errors. Initial recovery validation can be accomplished with only a very basic requested client-side report. Steve Ferreira is often featured in leading business publications like USA Today, Forbes, Journal of Commerce, and as a guest commentator on CNBC.

Steve is a USA Today best-selling author. In his latest work, Navigating B2B, he weaves a tapestry of hilarious, powerful and profound stories of some his most impactful, albeit unorthodox, business lessons learned from a life played for keeps.


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