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Novo Nordisk has been producing insulin and helping people cope with diabetes for more than 90 years. Today it supplies half of the world’s insulin and serves 28 million patients in around 170 countries. Employing approximately 41,400 people globally.

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  • Novo Nordisk’s future developments for industry 4.0
  • Change the mindset and implementing global supply chain changes
  • Serving 29 million patients across 170 countries
  • How Novo Nordisk promotes diversity
  • Making 50% of materials sustainable and having zero emissions by 2030
  • Being true to yourself and taking risks (forget playing it safe!)

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Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen of Novo Nordisk
“Be true to your own personality. Don’t try to be a mirror of what you think other people may expect of you. “


“Asking people to be daring. You can do that in words, but it doesn’t mean a lot. It is about creating an environment in which people feel safe to be daring. So that actually comes back to me and any leader in the team knows- your kind of get the organization you deserve and unless you create and promote a culture and an environment in which people feel safe to experiment and push the boundaries of what can be done, it will not happen. I cannot ask people to think out of the box or be creative or innovative. It’s just words. But I can create an environment in which people dare to and where they see that this is promoted, acknowledged, and stimulated. And so, I will always ask my people, how do you know what good looks like? Who inspires you? What could we dream of? Where can we learn? I mean this type of not being, content with current state, but let’s see how can we push the boundaries. But it all really boils down to have I deserved the trust of my organization, that they actually dare to take those steps. And when things are not going as expected, or we are failing on elements. How I deal with that is probably the most important moment because if I react to that in a manner of disappointment or I’m upset with it then that sets the tone for the next time.”

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