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Dealing with a Difficult Boss Featured Image

Dealing with a Difficult Boss

How many bosses do you think you’ll have before retirement? The younger Baby Boomers have almost twelve jobs between the ages of 18 and 50 on average. The job-hopping Millennials will probably have even more. And with twelve or more entries in the job history section of the CV, you will probably have more than

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Leaving after a few months... Featured Image

Leaving after a few months…

One of my friends, a senior-level executive, recently decided to leave the company he had joined less than 6 months ago. The environment was bad. The scope of the role changed 2nd week after joining. Initial commitments were not honored. In short, a horror story! That being said, that left him with the issue that

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Monday Blues - only if you choose so... Featured Image

Monday Blues – only if you choose so…

“- How are you today? – Oh, Monday Blues! How good can you feel on a Monday!” Have you heard anything like this? To me, it happens every Monday. That at least one person I ask gives that answer. Or something close to that. And it is sad! Really! And especially if the candidate is

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5 Steps on How to Get Promoted Featured Image

5 Steps on How to Get Promoted

May it be executive level or people in the middle management level, we sometimes do have discussions with our candidates around this topic. As sometimes, even if a bit counter-intuitive to our role as search partners, the best advice for the candidate is to stay with the current company and try to grow within. That

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Executives, Shut Up more during the Interview! Featured Image

Executives, Shut Up more during the Interview!

It feels nice to be on the top of a headhunter’s list of an executive position, doesn’t it? It’s what you deserve, after all – you’ve been doing your work diligently. You’ve met expectations and exceeded them. You’ve made things happen. You had results. You feel like you belong in the 2% of applicants who get

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Chief Executive Officer, Greensill​

Lex is the co-founder and CEO of Greensill, and a Senior Advisor and Crown Representative to Her Majesty’s Government on Supply Chain Finance. He was awarded the CBE for Services to the British Economy in Queen Elizabeth II’s 2017 Birthday Honours.

Lex previously established the global SCF business at Morgan Stanley, and led the EMEA SCF business at Citi.

Lex holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, and is a Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of England and Wales, and Queensland.