Top 15 Refrigerated Warehousing Firms in 2020


COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the volumes of items that need to be kept at cool or freezing temperatures in a centralized fashion. 

This has been organically driven by the consumer habits around grocery shopping, which has seen a major shift from traditional supermarket shopping to e-commerce in 2020, but also by the biggest challenge in the cold chain industry brought by the global access and distribution of CoVID-19 vaccines

Transport Topics News has compiled a top of refrigerated warehousing facilities, based on the storage capacity (Millions of Cu. Ft.).

Lineage Logistics is leading with a cold storage capacity of 1,700 Millions of Cu Ft. in 260 warehouses, followed by Americold with a cold storage capacity over 1M of Cu. Ft. in 182 warehouses, while the remaining companies in Top 10, total up a 1M of Cu. Ft cold storage capacity.

In a market that is booming, there are many opportunities and competition is increasing. We are curious about the changes we will see when we look back at 2021. 

More infographics can be found here.

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