Top Omnichannel Retailers 2022

Top Omnichannel Retailers 2022 Featured Image

(Image Source: Parcel Monitor)

Omnichannel is now at the forefront of e-commerce, assisting businesses to gain customer base and boost revenue. Today, many companies, from large corporations to medium-sized to small ones, are attempting to reposition themselves as omnichannel retailers. However, putting it into practice remains a challenge since not all firms have the knowledge or means necessary to successfully implement an omnichannel strategy

Recognizing this issue, our media partner Parcel Monitor has compiled a list of the top omnichannel success stories to point you in the right direction!

  1. Nespresso: The world’s largest and most profitable coffee company takes a unique approach to omnichannel retailing. The company showcases only a few of its items to available channels whilst other products are available at more specialized mediums, such as its coffee boutiques, further emphasizing an integral part of their omnichannel approach.
  2. Sephora: The internationally recognized beauty brand leverages technology to greatly improve customers’ in-store experiences through its multifaceted mobile application, location-based technology, and ‘Virtual Artist’ features for a more personalized shopping experience. 
  3. Pomelo: Pomelo has successfully implemented a seamless omnichannel shopping experience through a combination of creativity, technology, and a thorough understanding of their customers. Despite its focus on online sales, its physical stores highlight the “Try First, Pay Later” feature, where customers can browse products online and select an outlet to collect them. 

For more insights, check out the full article at Parcel Monitor now!

About Parcel Monitor 

Parcel Monitor is the leading platform for e-commerce logistics insights. By leveraging on our data capabilities, Parcel Monitor creates an open space for the ecosystem to discover, collaborate and innovate. 

Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can inspire change in e-commerce logistics and deliver a better experience for consumers, merchants, and carriers.

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