We connect the Supply Chain Ecosystem in Asia


Alcott Global provides the right supply chain and logistics executives for the world’s top companies. We also offer consulting services on creating an employer brand that would attract and retain the best supply chain and logistics talent. We know how to leverage our network of highly experienced supply chain and logistics professionals in Asia to meet your company’s goals. We believe in collaborating with our partners: both our clients and our senior candidates. We aim to become your ultimate partner in connecting the right supply chain and logistics senior executives in Asia to your company.


Finding the right talent for supply chain and logistics management senior roles can be time-consuming and difficult. Our supply chain and logistics executive search and headhunter services can help you with finding the right individuals for the position in Asia with the help of our network of highly experienced and skilled supply chain and logistics executives.


It is extremely challenging to attract highly skilled supply chain and logistics professionals from entry-level to C-level positions when you don’t have a good employer brand. Our proven methodology has helped companies in Asia with attracting and retaining their best employees.


It is not a secret - the highly talented usually don’t stay long when companies no longer provide them with the right value for them to stay. Our solutions can help you retain and develop your top supply chain and logistics employees.


"The Alcott team has worked with us on a number of different and in many cases difficult executive searches and has proven to be an incredibly trustworthy partner. Key for us is not only 'content' and 'experience', but also a deep understanding of the environment, the role, the industry, and the market. With one of our more recent searches we engaged them at a late stage in the process, having already spent more than 4 months trying unsuccessfully to find the right candidate – they were not only able to tap into their extensive database of subject matter experts but were also able to find a great fit. They are true industry and regional experts, who have in-depth knowledge of the trends, movements and market dynamics across Asia Pacific. Overall I would recommend them as a long term, reliable and proactive partner!"

- CEO ecommerce

"The people at Alcott Global have impressed, with their deep industry knowledge and broad industry network and spot-on assessment of talents. The specialized approach in the executive search industry has given Alcott Global a very unique position, as they in a consultative and relationship building fashion, engage and stay on top of industry developments, within Digitalization, Blockchain, AI and other transforming trends. This unique personal and specialized approach, enables Alcott Global, it’s clients and talents, to discuss to the point, what is needed and suitable, thus shorten the process of filling that vacant position, successfully.”

- CEO Third Party Logistics

"Radu added the people piece back into that now seriously lacking component of today's human capital (recruitment) industry. I strongly recommend Radu and his Team to any serious professionals who are looking for their next career move, or any organization that truly cares about the 'people factor' and how an individual will fit and grow with that organization in more dynamic ways than can possibly be adequately captured and expressed in a Resume document alone."

- Global Director Business Process, Asset & Network Optimization, Packaging Industry

"Radu is one of the most well-connected recruiters in the logistics industry. He keeps himself up to date on industry trends and has a keen eye to link them to real business needs. Radu sets himself apart from others because he genuinely cares about the people he works with, which translates into him being approachable and following through to make things happen. I always enjoy catching up with him and bouncing ideas off of each other. I highly recommend him to any firm looking for a true partner that understands their business and can connect them with candidates to help their organization excel."

- CEO Commodities and Contract Logistics


We believe in building a partnership with our clients from the very beginning. We will help you in determining the problems you are facing and providing you with the services to solve them
We know that speed matters – from finding the right person as quickly as possible to rollling out an employee retention program as soon as possible, these are things that you can expect from us.
We are aware that trust is very important for a good and long-lasting partnership – we owe you our honesty and we can assure you that anything confidential will remain that way.


Richard White
CEO of WiseTech Global and CargoWise
Sabine Mueller
CEO of DHL Consulting
Keith Carter
Associate Professor | Author | TEDx Speaker
Sanne Manders
COO of Flexport
Dr. Yossi Sheffi
Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
Charles Brewer
CEO DHL E-commerce


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