#01: Jose Ferrer Senior Director for the Global Produce Sourcing Team – Mexico Hub at WALMART

#01: Jose Ferrer Senior Director for the Global Produce Sourcing Team - Mexico Hub at WALMART Featured Image

José Ferrer es el Senior Director en Global Produce Sourcing en Walmart, liderando la operación de México, previamente fue el vicepresidente y Líder del Market Supply Chain para el mercado europeo de Chiquita Brands. José Comenzó su carrera en P&G Latinoamérica. Ha desarrollado su carrera como experto en la cadena de suministro de hortalizas y frutas en Latam.


José Ferrer is the Sr. Director for Global Produce Sourcing in Walmart, leading Mexico Hub, and former VP Market Supply Chain Leader for the European market of Chiquita Brands. He started his career in P&G Latam. He has developed his career as an expert in the vegetable supply chain in Latam.

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Connect with the Guest:

Jose Ferrer: LinkedIn

Algunos de los aspectos más destacados del podcast:

  • Bienvenida y aprendizajes de su etapa inicial de su carrera en P&G Región Andina.
  • Jose mudanza a Centroamérica a Chiquita Brands.
  • La Cadena de Suministro del banano, desde Centroamérica a USA y Europa.
  • Experiencia en Walmart.
  • Desarrollando la Cadena de Suministro de los vegetales y frutas en LATAM

Some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • Welcome and learnings from Jose’s initial time in his career in P&G Andean Region
  • Jose’s move to Central America to Chiquita Brands
  • The Supply Chain for bananas, from Central America to the USA & Europe
  • Walmart experience
  • Developing the vegetable and fruits Supply Chain in LATAM

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