#19: Matthew Tillman CEO of Haven Inc

#19: Matthew Tillman CEO of Haven Inc Featured Image

Matthew Tillman is the CEO and Founder of Haven. Haven was founded in 2014 to help commodity firms automate logistics, collaborate with partners, and gain valuable insights into their supply chain. The goal of the platform is to essentially serve as the “Salesforce for logistics, capturing the end-to-end workflow of shipping cargo.”

Haven supports customers around the world from offices in Singapore, Switzerland and San Francisco. They raised a Series A round of $11 million.

Prior to founding Haven, Matt held Technology and Product leadership roles at several Finance and Advertising companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence. But before that, Tillman was the son and grandson of truckers. He’s the first in three generations not to drive a truck for a living.

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Connect with the Guest:

Matthew Tillman: LinkedIn | Twitter | Company Website

Stay tuned as we cover:

  • The story of Haven Inc
  • Differentiating from a traditional broker
  • ‘Healthy’ data
  • How does a big investment change the company’s growth
  • Why Singapore?
  • How do they compete with 3PLs
  • Impact  of Blockchain – real and hype
  • How do you hire and shape the culture

Show notes:

  • [01:18] Tell us a bit – what is it that you do and the story of Haven Inc and what are you trying to achieve.
  • [06:02] How do you differentiate yourself from a traditional broker? I know you are adamant about your brand as a software company.
  • [07:32] Talking about data – how do you get your data? How do you make sure you get ‘healthy’ data?
  • [10:54] How important was the series A investment and how did it impact your growth speed? What were some of your main learning for other startups listening to us?
  • [15:12] What made you come to Asia and Singapore in particular?
  • [17:36] Who are the biggest partners and supporter of the company? I know that you work closely with the Singapore government.
  • [19:13] How did the 3PL industry react to your service?
  • [22:04] Let’s talk consolidation. How do you see the future of the industry? I know you have some clear thoughts on this.
  • [27:41] What is the most important mark that you want Haven to leave on the industry?
  • [30:31] How do we get over the ‘black sheep’ in the blockchain room AKA customs?
  • [37:20] Apart from price and service, what topics do you see driving 3pl selection in 2019?
  • [39:48] How do you hire people to join Haven? What are the top attributes you are looking for?
  • [43:20] What do you shape the culture of the company?
  • [45:14] What are the key learning that you got during your entrepreneurship journey?

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