Henrik Kofod-Hansen


Henrik enables companies and leaders to drive the transformation of culture, leadership, and collaboration. He brings extensive experience from his own senior leadership work in the Logistics industry and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities. He holds advanced degrees in Organizational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy and is an experienced Co-active® and Organizational Relationship Systems® Coach.

Henrik’s work enables:

  • Behavioral changes, that are necessary for real Transformation
  • Development of new personal capabilities to reach high Performance
  • Connected Team collaboration, with skilled constructive conflict
  • Improved customer experience and service levels
  • Revitalization of Key Relationships with customers and within own organization

He also contributes to the development of young leaders as a lecturer and is a speaker and writer around how we


Leadership and Change Catalyst

Since 1989, Henrik has worked his way through the logistics world, creating, developing and transforming companies, teams, and products. During this time, he experienced both stagnating company cultures, insufficient leadership, and misguided strategies – but he also experienced visionary leaders, bold decisions and super motivated teams. This first-hand experience enables him to approach challenges in a practical way, and to bring in new perspectives and create new possibilities.

He feels deeply connected to the people in the industry but has also a critical view of inefficient leadership approaches, the lack of a vision for the future and the slow transformation. Being passionate about enabling teams to work better together, Henrik has developed the “8 Steps to High Performing Teams” framework, which he is applying to guide teams through the necessary phases of Making Sense, Connect, Vision, Conflict, Alignment, Commitment, Accountability, and Learning.

Henrik lives in Singapore with his family and works across Asia and Europe.

Clients Include:

Teams: C-level, HR, Sales, Customer Service, Products and Innovation Labs Industries: Social Media, Hospitals, Medical, Life Science, FMCG, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Information Technology, Start-ups, Scale-Ups and Financial Services.

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