Cold Chain 2021
February 4, 2021
Global Access and Distribution - Covid-19 Vaccine









Vaccine Manufacturing and Distribution in Markets
  • Key challenges to consider from a manufacturer perspective and solutions in place
  • Coordination between manufacturing and logistics partners
  • General readiness of logistics for COVID-19 vaccines deliveries
  • Will manufacturing be localized?
  • Collaborative efforts between the various vaccine producers

Véronique Verheyen

Head Vaccines

Mirko Senatore

Head of Global Supply Chain EECA

Dan Culverhouse

Head, Global Supply Chain Management

Christina Yi

Chief Operating Officer

Lessons Learnt from Transporting the COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Examples of the major vaccine shipments overseen & lessons learnt
  • Main challenges foreseen and how to approach them
  • How to get the overall supply chain community working closely together
  • What is the role of Governments to facilitate collaboration?

Rob Walpole

Vice President
Delta Cargo

Leonora Lim

Vice President, Life Sciences & Healthcare Asia Pacific

Michael Culme-Seymour

World Economic Forum

Andrea Gruber

Head, Special Cargo
International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Vaccine Literacy and Getting Businesses Involved
  • COVID-19 vaccine safety and scientific protocols for approval in record time
  • Is a COVID-19 vaccine safer than the risk of getting COVID-19? 
  • Sources of information on the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness
  • Eight principles to embody when communicating the information about COVID-19 vaccination
  • Initiatives to have diverse means of educating different profiles of people about COVID-19 vaccines to counter skepticism

Scott C. Ratzan

CONVINCE - Covid-19 New Vaccine Information Communication & Engagement

Dr. Jia Hu MD, FRCPC

Medical Officer of Health
Alberta Health Services

Sherry Layton

Chief Scientific Officer
BV Science

Case Studies in Using Airfreight for COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation
  • Ground observations of vaccines rollout
  • Supply chain constraints related to vaccine logistics; vaccines cargo handling, surges impact on the air cargo, pharma corridors
  • New technologies enabling the transparent transfer of vaccines in compliance with specifications
  • Global Collaborations 

Jaisey Yip

General Manager Cargo​
Changi Airport

Turhan Özen

Chief Cargo Officer
Medical Officer of Health Alberta Health Services

Nathan De Valck

Head Of Cargo Product & Network Development
Brussels Airport

Jan Hoffmann

Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, DTL

Using Sea Freight to Transport the COVID-19 Vaccine
  • What will make ocean transport a solution for the transfer of COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Challenges in using sea freight to transport vaccines
  • Technology and monitoring tools for ensuring compliance with temperature requirements 
  • Collaboration between shipping lines, ports, governments, and customs

Dr. Hanane Becha

Transport & Logistics Vice Chair

Ho Ghim Siew

Head of Group Commercial, Strategy & Cargo Solutions
PSA International

Hristo Petkov

Global Vertical Head of Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
A.P. Moller - Maersk

Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine to the Public - an NGO Perspective
  • COVID-19 situation around the world
  • Herd immunity timeline and challenges
  • Ways to address the imbalances in vaccine availability to developed countries versus the rest
  • How can WHO, WEF, UN help ensure that vaccines are available to the less developed countries?

Arnaud Bernaert

Head of Global Health and Healthcare
World Economic Forum

Daniel Rodriguez

Director, Procurement & Supply Management

Dr. Githinji Gitahi

Group CEO
Amref Health Africa

Adrian Thomas, M.D.

Vice President, Global Strategy, Programs & Policy for Global Public Health
Johnson & Johnson

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Chief Executive Officer, Greensill​

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Lex previously established the global SCF business at Morgan Stanley, and led the EMEA SCF business at Citi.

Lex holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, and is a Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of England and Wales, and Queensland.